Passchendaele Scottish Centenary Commemoration 19-20 August 2017

On 31 July 1917, Scottish troops were in the centre of the start of one of the most striking battles of the whole Great War. "Third Ypres", better known today as "Passchendaele". Regrettably, Passchendaele seems to have disappeared from the Scottish collective memory, despite the fact that it affected so many soldiers and their families. The Centenary weekend of 19/20 August is set up to restore the memory of this historic moment in Scottish history.


One of the men never to return home was the former Glasgow Rangers player Jimmy Speirs, a sergeant in the Cameron Highlanders. For the commemoration of the centenary of "Passchendaele", Jimmy will give a face to the thousands of Scots who came to Flanders and went on "The Long Road to Passchendaele".

Commemorative weekend

Together with a number of partners, the Memorial Museum Passchendaele 1917 is organising "The Long Road to Passchendaele", a commemorative weekend aimed at all people of Scottish origin who were involved in "Passchendaele", as well as to the 1st South African Brigade, part of the 9th Scottish Division, and to all the non- Scots serving in Scottish formations.


Centenary Memorial Project

One of the highlights of the main ceremony on 19 August 2017 will be the unveiling of a number of life-size steel silhouettes, representing Scottish soldiers marching to Passchendaele. This sub-project is ran and supported by a number of Scottish and Flemish volunteers and partner organisations